• 5 Premium Pirate Dogs
  • 100% Resizable
  • All text is editable
  • Full layered, full vector
  • Color is easilly changed
  • Free font use. Link in the TXT file
  • Organitzed layers and folders


  • Beagle.ai
  • Beagle.psd
  • German Shepherd.ai
  • German Shepherd.psd
  • Golden Retriever.ai
  • Golden Retriever.psd
  • Poodle.ai
  • Poodle.psd
  • Yorkshire Terrier.ai
  • Yorkshire Terrier.psd

    All logos were created using Adobe Photoshop and are vectors. These vectors can be easily exported just saving as EPS or PDF. And how they are 100% vectors they can be resized without losing resolution for the size you want to.

Pirate Dog Face x5