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 01. Hidoku

Hidoku1 2340x1560Hidoku2 1520x1214Hidoku3 1520x1214Hidoku4 1520x1214Hidoku5 1520x1214

Hidoku is a roundhand handmade font family with bold, regular and light letters.

 02. Big Eddie

Big Eddie 1 2340x1560Big Eddie 2 1820x1214Big Eddie 3 1820x1214Big Eddie 4 1820x1214Big Eddie 5 1820x1214Big Eddie 6 1820x1214Big Eddie 7 1820x1214

Hidoku is a roundhand handmade font family with bold, regular and light letters.

 03. El Zorro

El Zorro 1 2340x1560El Zorro 2 1820x1214El Zorro 3 1820x1214El Zorro 4 1820x1214El Zorro 5 1820x1214El Zorro 6 1820x1214

El Zorro is a handwritten font that consists out of thin lines.

Every letter consists out of multiple thin pen strokes.

 04. Hey Buddy

Hey Buddy 1 2340x1560Hey Buddy 2 2340x1560Hey Buddy 4 2340x1560Hey Buddy 5 2340x1560Hey Buddy 6 2340x1560Hey Buddy 7 2340x1560Hey Buddy 8 2340x1560Hey Buddy 9 2340x1560

Hey Buddy is the hardest and craziest handmade typography! Perfect for logo designs.

 05. Kikuri

Kikuri 1 2340x1560Kikuri 2 2340x1560Kikuri 3 2340x1560Kikuri 4 2340x1560Kikuri 5 2340x1560Kikuri 6 2340x1560Kikuri 7 2340x1560

Kikuri is a modern and unique script font. This playful font has very smooth rounded letters and really stands out because of it’s asymmetrical letters.

The Kikuri font is a great font for when you are creating unique design that needs to feel different.

 06. Markos

Markos 1 2340x1560Markos 2 1820x1214Markos 3 1820x1214Markos 4 1820x1214

Markos is a strong rough brush type font that comes in 3 variations.

 07. Mr. Duff

Mr.Duff 1 2340x1560Mr.Duff 2 1820x1214Mr.Duff 3 1820x1214Mr.Duff 4 1820x1214Mr.Duff 5 1820x1214

Mr. Duff is a playful and smooth script font.

The smooth digitally created letters have the look and feel like they are painted with a thick brush. The lines are smoothed so the font feels very slick and would look great in many types of projects.

 08. Punksandskins

Punksandskins 1 2340x1560Punksandskins 2 2340x1560Punksandskins 3 2340x1560Punksandskins 4 2340x1560Punksandskins 5 2340x1560

Punks and Skins is a handmade font with a punk-rock touch.

This anarchistic font is fun and playful for creating edgy designs.

 09. Bimba

Bimba 1 2340x1560Bimba 2 1820x1214Bimba 3 1820x1214Bimba 4 1820x1214

Bimba is a roundhand marker font perfect for your natural designs.

 10. The Amish

Amish 1 2340x1560Amish 2 1820x1314Amish 3 1820x1314Amish 4 1820x1314

Amish is a unique roundhand font to use with the tecnologie. Be free to take a personality on your designs.

 11. Mikelin

Mikelin 1 2340x1560Mikelin 2 1820x1314Mikelin 3 1820x1314Mikelin 4 1820x1314Mikelin 5 1820x1314

Mikelin is a small brush type font family that comes in 4 variations.

 12. Robix

Robix 1 2340x1560Robix 2 1820x1214Robix 3 1820x1214Robix 4 1820x1214Robix 5 1820x1214

Robix is a unique handmade marker font. Perfect to take a different look on your designs.  20 “decorative borders” included to help on final design. 

 13. The Grimm

The Grimm 1 2340x1560The Grimm 2 1820x1214The Grimm 3 1820x1214The Grimm 4 1820x1214The Grimm 5 1820x1214

The Grimm is a hard handmade font family that relive your designs. Bold, regular & light.

 14. Witold

Witold 1 2340x1560Witold 2 1820x1214Witold 3 1820x1214Witold 4 1820x1214Witold 5 1820x1214

Witold is an elegant handmade brush font family. Perfect on your quotes logos or templates. 

 15. Hunk

Hunk 1 2340x1560Hunk 2 1820x1314Hunk 3 1820x1314Hunk 4 1820x1314

Hunk, a strong display face.

 16. The Harmony

The Harmony 1 2340x1560The Harmony 2 1820x1214The Harmony 3 1820x1214The Harmony 4 1820x1214The Harmony 6 1820x1214The Harmony 7 1820x1214The Harmony 8 1820x1214

The harmony is a roundhand handmade font family inspired on Greek God’s.

 17. Maddox

Maddox 1 2340x1560Maddox 2 1520x1214Maddox 3 1520x1214Maddox 4 1520x1214

Maddox is a hand brushed script family that comes with 4 beautiful fonts.

 18. Sheena

Sheena 1 2340x1560Sheena 2 1820x1214Sheena 3 1820x1214Sheena 4 1820x1214

Sheena is a professional looking handmade font. This font has a very easy going and natural feeling. Great for creating professional design that needs to have a playful touch without losing it’s professionalism.

 19. Howie

Howie 1 2340x1560Howie 2 1520x1214Howie 3 1520x1214Howie 4 1520x1214Howie 5 1520x1214

The font has been crafted completely on paper. After ever letter was perfected to create a coherent and smooth looking font, the font where digitized and smoothed over until they where perfect.

 20. Frederik

Frederik 1 2340x1560Frederik 2 1820x1314Frederik 3 1820x1314Frederik 4 1820x1314

Frederik is a classic looking display font. This font has an elegant retro feel and is great for creating vintage looking design.

 21. The Stopped

The Stopped 1 2340x1560The Stopped 2 1820x1214The Stopped 3 1820x1214The Stopped 4 1820x1214The Stopped 5 1820x1214

The Stopped is a handmade font family created for amateur and professional designers. Bold, regular, light and extra-light letters.

 22. Latinbrush

Latinbrush 1 2340x1560Latinbrush 2 1820x1314Latinbrush 3 1820x1314Latinbrush 4 1820x1314

Latinbrush is a handmade brush font family. It looks like a roundhand familiar letter and computer letter. Perfect for your informal designs. Bold & light letters.

 23. Julianne

Julianne 1 2340x1560Julianne 2 2340x1560Julianne 3 2340x1560Julianne 4 2340x1560Julianne 5 2340x1560

Julianne is a thin roundhand handmade font, perfect for your delicate designs. 

 24. Bumpy

Bumpy 1 2340x1560Bumpy 2 1820x1314Bumpy 3 1820x1314Bumpy 4 1820x1314Bumpy 5 1820x1314

Bumpy is a family handmade font with for versions.

 25. Quentin

Quentin 1 2340x1560Quentin 2 1820x1314Quentin 3 1820x1314Quentin 4 1820x1314Quentin 5 1820x1314

Quentin is a smooth hand-brushed font. The letters of the Quentin font match perfectly with each-other.



25 handcrafted script fonts

Extended License: use for unlimited personal and commercial projects + you can also use them in designs/products that you sell. You can use all these items as a part of your non-digital or digital designs. You cannot resell these files directly, or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form. License is only for 1 person.



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